Fit Women

Evolt 360 Body Scan

TN Health Solutions "Winter Body Challenge"

Let's Get FIT! We are hosting a "Winter Body Challenge" that involves 3 Body Compositions Scan for $75!.....with a 4th Scan for FREE! Getting in shape is NOT all about the weight on the scale, but your body composition that changes when the scale doesn't change! If you win the challenge, you get a FREE facial or an IV Vitamin Hydration drip.

The Evolt 360 provides 30+ Data points to include BioWellness Score, Fitness Age, Visceral Fat Mass and More! 

Knowing where your body composition is  allows you to plan your training and nutrition properly. We can help you create your plan based on your body composi'on and you can track and monitor your progress along the way.


Get empowered to make the changes! 


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