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Frequently Asked Questions

What does TN (TOPNotch) Health Solutions, LLC Offer?


At this time, TN ( TOPNotch) Health Solutions offers NO OUT OF POCKET costs to the UNINSURED and for people with commercial insurance who need Covid 19- Screening and management of non urgent symptoms through in-office and telehealth visits. We are currently pending Medicaid and Medicare acceptance at this time, so we are currently unable to serve this patient population for free at this time. 

Coming very soon, TN Health Solutions, LLC will be expanding to medical services as well- STAY TUNED!!!

What makes TN (TOPNotch) Health Solutions, LLC different than other testing centers?

TN Health Solutions is a state certified CLIA Waived Lab that offers not only testing, but also offers medical care with a board certified nurse practitioner for the Uninsured who have been exposed or who positive for Covid-19 with non-urgent symptoms. 

What is Covid-19 Antigen Testing? 

When your body is acutely exposed to an infectious agent, its created "antigens" or makers that let your immune system know it has been invaded. This test detects the prescence of "markers". This test is for people have symptoms of Covid-19 and most accurate withing the first 5 days of symptoms. This test is a gentle nose swab that is done by a medical provider or clinic assistant.  SAME DAY RESULTS - most times within 30minutes to one hour! 

Woman Getting Tested

What is Covid-19 Antibody Testing? 

Covid-19 Antibody Testing detects if your body has created antibodies to the virus (fighting cells). This is a reasonable to get 1-3 weeks after you tested positive or been exposed to someone who had had the virus. This test is a small finger prick - like checking a blood sugar. SAME DAY RESULTS - most times within 30minutes to one hour! 

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