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Are You Getting Enough Calories In?

Updated: Apr 8

We have to give the body what it NEEDS for it to give US what we WANT! Ensuring that we have the vital nutrients and vitamins to promote lean muscle and decrease body fat is vital to overall wellness.

We can't just not eat the BAD food. You have to eat the GOOD Food!

Meaning, just because you are not eating the as MUCH of what you used to eat, you have to fill those gaps with GOOD FOOD.

  1. Are you eating breakfast? If you skip breakfast then your body could start storing fat! Yes, the body will literally store visceral fat ( fat around the organs!). This is GREAT time to get your Greens & Fiber in the body to promote healthy weight loss!

  2. Are You getting Protein! We should get this with every meal! Protein builds lean muscle. Protein shakes are a great way to give the body what Is needs!

  3. Greens provide your cells with the amino acids and nutrients to burn fat, promote endurance and metabolism

  4. Fiber: Binds with sugar to prevent the storage of fat! This often hard to get this into the diet. These products are GREAT - certified pure grade products that help you get it all IN! Often times, we are running and can't seem to fit in the time!

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