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Carbs & Sugars were CALLING ME!

Healing My GUT SAVED MY LIFE!!! Gut Health is KEY to it ALL!

Hello! I am Paula, the Nurse Practitioner at TopNotch Health Solutions. I thought it fitting to share personal journey to show that you are not alone!

I had had no cut off switch!

I KNOW all too well about cravings! Eating 6 tacos with 18 Firesauces and A king size Reece Cup as a SNACK almost every day was taking over my life. I was almost 300 pounds at my heaviest and was a 26-28 in the waist. I was ALL an egg on legs. My arms and legs were small, but I looked 6 months pregnant.

The reality is that I set up my body to want those things, as the kids say Life be "Lyfing" and the stress of work and family- in between being tired....I just didn't have time for a gym or to cook. I tried the frozen meals that literally drove my high blood pressure through the roof! ( upload me with the Reece Cup in my phone)

The Carbs & Sugars were CALLING ME!

It's one thing to have a sweet tooth.....but when the craving is taking over your life. It feels very different. Semaglutide changed my LIFE...... I was riding my Taco bell like a champ! I would see the Reece Cup at the gas station and WALK AWAY!! It made me take a look at my diet and it was ALL carbs and sugars...not a vegetable in sight.

Taking a Look at My Nutrition

Looking through a clearer lens Semaglutide

(because my cravings were gone), I noticed that I only ate carbs and sugars. I was not eating breakfast and by the afternoon. I was binge eating!

I hardly got any protein or fiber in my body at all.

I started infusing my body with healthier options and coupled with the gym, I lost 20 pounds in 2 months!

Taking a look at my Bowel Regimen

I was only going maybe two times a week and it smelled like DEATH! I did not "feel" constipated at all and I actually thought it was normal, LOLOL!

What is this medication doing for me?

I started to do deeper research on how the medication worked and saw that it uses hormones that are in the GUT to control appetite and cravings as well as a game changer for metabolic health and I wanted to see how I could do it for myself! At the cellular level, it decreases the inflammatory responses in the body and facilitates cellular energy. The GUT is where the root of where metabolic and cellular processes occur an


It prompted me to look into my GUT Health and this is what I found! I found things in my Gut that like CARBS & SUGARS! I see these in my patient's bloodstream in the intensive care unit!

These bacteria are linked to inflammation that can impact metabolic health and weight loss.

I also found that I was lacking the very bacteria that secretes the SAME Hormone that Semaglutide was giving me!

I started on a journey to heal myself holistically and have not taken Semaglutide since September of last year! I am STILL on my Journey. I am not where I want to be, but I definitely see progress.

What Advice Can I Give You?

  1. Fuel Your Body!

  2. Get Your Protein In!

  3. Avoid Missing Meals!




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