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EGG WHITE Breakfast Bites!

Breakfast Suggestions: Great to store for several days!

Full Of Protein and some Greens as well!

Egg White Breakfast Bites: You can use liquid eggs, egg whites, or eggs. These are Great because use can make enough of them of several days! For high-powered individuals - This is Key!

What Do I Need? Muffin Pan - Avacodo Spray for the muffin pan

  • Saute' bellpeppers, onions, spinach, kale or whatever you want in your eggs. I use turkey crumbles as well.

  • Put the mixture in your egg mixture

  • Spray your muffin pan and fill the cups half full.

  • Cook at 375-400 degrees for about 15 minutes - a dry tooth pick means they are done! ENJOY!!!!


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