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Are you suffering with hair loss?

Welcome to the Hair Loss Blog!

Hello! My name is Paula Richardson! Nurse Practitioner and owner of TN Health Solutions also known as TOPNOTCH Health Solutions.

Is your hair thinning? Are you losing hair at your edges or at the crown of your head? Are you noticing more shedding than usual?

Hair loss is a major part of overall health and wellness. Hair loss can occur from medications, stress, hormonal ( especially after child birth), chronic heath disease such as anemia ( low blood levels), thyroid issues, gastric bypass, and nutritional deficits.

Our Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, Paula Richardson, will partner with you to discuss your health history and as a team, decide the best approach!

TN Heath Solutions - Hair Care Program

TN Health Solutions specializes in hair loss using a procedure called MicroNeedling with PRP therapy and professional hair care products that are infused with proteins from Quinoa, Kale, Carrot and Lemon- to strengthen the hair and scalp to create an environment for hair growth.

Paired with MicroNeedling- with your OWN

Protein Rich Plasma stimulates hair growth- by waking up the hair follicle!

MicroNeedling is a minimally invasive procedure involves creating microchannels in the scalp that awaken the follicle and stimulate hair growth performed by our Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner. At least 3 sessions are suggested stimulating hair growth in addition to the Hair Care Trio to strengthen the hair and scalp.

The consultation fee is non-refundable and will go towards your hair restoration service!

Allow TN Health Solutions to assist you on your hair restoration journey!


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