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Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy

The purpose of IV Therapy is to optimize your overall health and well-being by providing you with essential vitamins and minerals that facilitate your health and wellness.

Wellness is not only your physical health and being free of disease, but your overall well-being as a whole person. The body needs certain vitamins and supplements to function at its best, but our busy lifestyles don't allow for the time.

Here are a few of the vitamins and their benefits.

Vitamin A: Supports brain, skin, muscle, heart and immune health

Vitamin B: Increases energy, improves metabolism and helps with glucose control

Vitamin C: Fights illness and improves strength

Zinc: An immunity warrior to prevent illness

Vitamin B 12: Helps improve cellular repair while promoting healthy food and nervous systems

Vitamin B Complex: Beneficial for hair and nail health and enhanced energy

Vitamin C: Vital for immune health and anti-aging properties for the skin by boosting collagen production, promotes firmer and clearer skin

Gluthalidone: An antioxidant agent to help the physiological symptoms of aging and oxidative stress

Amino Acids: Decrease muscle loss and improves metabolism

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