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Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

So, I just got my GI Map Results back and I am blowed away about what I discovered. While I have several things to work on the fact that I have UNDETECTABLE amounts of Akkermansia bacteria that act on my GLP-1 receptors that control my hunger. These GREAT Bacteria are associated with Diabetes, Metabolic Disorders, inflammation and obesity! It’s almost impossible to lose weight without them!!!!!

I can work out and try to eat right all I can BUT - if I don’t have these bacteria- It makes it extremely HARD to do!!! I can cut calories, but if I don‘t have a “balanced“ gut, then the weight will not come off!

Our GUT Microbiome interacts and triggers receptors that affect overall health and wellness!

From Metabolism to Anxiety and Depression- it has all been linked to our GUT HEALTH!

Please take a look at the article below that talks about the affects of Akkermansia Bacteria!


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